: For New Users : Subscriptions and the PDF Viewing Library.


You are able to purchase and manage subscriptions once you have created an account. The subscriptions include bulletin subscriptions (TJ/TNN, Service or MSDS), wiring diagrams subscriptions and VIDA subscriptions.

Choose Subscriptions from the Store drop- down sub-menu.

The Subscriptions page will be displayed. This page will give you general information about each of the subscription types.

You can click on any one of the Subscription Product Descriptions to learn more about each of the VIDA subscription types. You can click on any of the Subscription Pricing links to view the pricing for that specific VIDA subscription.

For information regarding the pricing of all of the VIDA subscriptions, click on Pricing. For more information on how to order subscriptions, click on How to Order. When you are ready to order, click on Order Now and you will be directed to the Subscription Store page. Remember, you must be logged in to order a subscription.

If you are interested in a bulletin or wiring diagram subscription, check the box next to the appropriate item (s) and choose the length of your subscription from the dropdown. Then click on add selected items to the cart.

If you are interested in a VIDA subscription, click on Click here to start the VIDA subscription configurator and follow the instructions to choose the type of subscription, subscription length and package(s). Note that the bulletin subscriptions are included in all VIDA subscriptions.

PDF Library

Once you have purchased a bulletin or wiring diagram subscription, you can access the information via the PDF viewing library. Once you are logged in, hover your mouse pointer over My Account in the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on the PDF Viewing Library option in the sub-menu.

From the PDF Viewing Library page, you are able to view all of the current bulletin and wiring diagram subscriptions that are available to you. Click on any of the links to search for the information that you are interested in.

For the Wiring Diagrams, all active wiring diagrams are listed.

For the Bulletins, there is a search feature to narrow down the results. The search feature has two options - search by keyword OR search by model/year/Function Group. The keyword search checks for the information within the content of the PDF. You can search by keywords within the bulletin or by part number using the keyword search. Please note that all terms entered in the search field are searched on. The results are displayed in order of highest matches - showing PDFs that match the most search words within the PDF on top. The model and year search will show all bulletins that have been tagged with the selected model (and year if a year is chosen). These results are displayed in alphabetic order by part number. Please note that the model and year search cannot be used along with the keyword search. If a keyword search is entered, all documents within the PDF library will be searched.