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Q. My Operating System/Browser has Service Packs which are not listed on the website. Can I use VIDA on this PC?
A. No. We've found that operating system and browser developers don't build their new versions to be downwardly compatible. This means a new version of an operating system or browser doesn't work the same way a previous version did. You can experience problems using the VIDA applications with any operating system or browser other than the specified versions listed in Computer Requirements.

We will keep you advised when new operating system and browser versions meet our test criteria to be used with VIDA applications. Please visit the Computer Requirements section of the website frequently to view current specifications.
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Q. How do I go about purchasing the DiCE Tool ?
A. First reference the Special Tool Bulletins posted under the Links tab on the website. This will give a general understanding of how to use the tool. The DiCE tool can be purchased from the Volvo Special Tools website.
Q. Which J2534 scan tools does Volvo test or certify ?
A. Volvo does not test or certify aftermarket scan tools. However, Volvo vehicles support the standardized J2534 access through the OBD2 connector. Therefore any generic scan tools which supports J2534 should be able to read Volvos.
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Q. I tried to download the software to set up a new ignition key for a Customer. During the download, I received this message: "You can not add any more ignition keys. You have reached the maximum number possible for this car." What does this mean?
A. For 1999 and later Volvos equipped with an immobilizer, a maximum number of locations in memory is set to prevent theft and illegal duplication of keys. If the maximum number of locations in memory has already been programmed, you must remove one before you add another one.
Q. What should I do when I get a pop-up window during a download that says, "Sending PROG. Press cancel to stop sending PROG."?
A. When this occurs, VIDA is telling you that it is sending the command to the car to put the vehicle network into Prog (Program) mode. When this occurs, you should wait about 1 minute and then press cancel.
Q. What software is available for purchase?
A. All software necessary to complete repairs can be downloaded via Some downloads are only provided in conjunction with Support Staff (via a help request) to ensure that the downloads are conducted in a safe and proper manner, and to make sure they are necessary. Certain software, when downloaded improperly, could have negative effects on the vehicle. In all cases, you should be following Volvo service information when conducting software downloads. If you feel that you are directed to perform a download that you can not find on the list of available downloads, please let us know, so the matter can be clarified or corrected.
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Q. Can I print copies of information from VIDA? Can I copy the software?
A. All information in the VIDA applications and websites, including the software download packages,is protected by international copyright.

• Can you print one page to help you repair a car?
• Can you give or sell that page to anyone else?
• Can you copy a software download package and install it on another car?
No. And you may possibly damage that second car beyond a point where you can repair it by trying.
Q. Is there online help or user guide for VIDA?
A. Once you log on to VIDA there is a help icon in the lower right hand corner of the home page. Search here for VIDA user help. You can print this guide however you will not be notified of any updates to the help text. Also, some of the information may not always be applicable to this market.Always check the online help for updated information.
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A. The url address for resetting passwords and user ID adminstration is:
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Q. I have forgotten my VIDA password. How can I recover it?

If you are the primary owner of the subscription, and you HAVE created user ID in the VCC Novell Identity Manager system, then login to and reset your password following the on screen prompts.

If you are not a user with administrative privileges in the Novell Identity Manager (IDM), please contact someone within your company who is.

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Q. In the VIDA software manager, I purchased software that I will not be able to download into the car. Can I return it?

At any time before you actually download the software into the vehicle:

  • Highlight the software part number and description in the VIDA software download manager.
  • Click the text link.
  • Submit a Help Request in the bookstore to request a refund of the purchase price.
  • A request for refund must be submitted within 3 business days of the order.
Q. I have attempted to download software to a vehicle but the vehicle already had the latest software, can I get a refund for the attempted software download?
A. To request a refund for a software download you must submit a Help Request in the bookstore. In the Help Request you must include the VIN, VTI order number, reason for the download inlcuding any DTCs and the following log files: c:\vida\system\log\vidatrace.log c:\vida\system\log\diagnostics\pie.log c:\vida\system\log\diagnostics\swmgr.log c:\vida\system\log\diagnostics\vehicle log (example of vehicle log S80_1999_123456.log) A request for refund must be submitted within 3 business days of the order.