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Q. I understand that you do not ship material to an international address. How can I obtain documentation for a country other than the USA and Canada?
A. We suggest contacting a Volvo retailer in your area for information available in your market. You can also try Volvo Car Corporation's technical bookstore at

Q. I am interested in purchasing a set of shop manuals for my 1996 Volvo 850. It seems that the only way to order this is item by item. Is that correct? Have I overlooked the location by which I might order a book or binder than contains most, if not all of the shop information? Please provide some guidance or direction.
A. Volvo does not carry sets for individual years and models. Sets are available by series only. You are correct, if you would like to purchase manuals for one year and model only, you would have to purchase the manuals individually.
Q. Do you carry information on the audio system in my Volvo?
A. Your vehicle's owner's manual covers all operational features of your audio system. Volvo service manuals and/or VIDA service information, in Group 39: Electrical, provide some information for diagnosing audio system faults. Volvo wiring diagrams provide information about wiring to and from the audio system. Volvo Service Bulletins and Tech-NET Notes may provide additional guidance about audio system diagnostics.
Q. Can I buy a yearbook set of service information for my Volvo?
A. The yearbook set is only available for the 800 series vehicles and can be found under the "STORE" then "Service/Parts Literature" on our website.
Help with servicing my Volvoback to top
Q. I have been having trouble getting my Volvo repaired. I've taken it to three different shops. Can you help?
A. We are sympathetic to your situation. However, this is only a bookstore. We are not a technical hotline or a customer service center, and we have no special expertise to help in either area.

When we receive a question such as yours, we routinely suggest:

1. For help with a technical question, we ask you to contact a qualified Volvo retailer for advice, diagnostics, or repair.

2. If you feel you need additional assistance, we suggest that you call or write the Volvo Cars Customer Service Center. In the U.S.A., the Customer Service Center can be reached, toll-free, at 1-800-458-1552. In Canada, call 1-800-663-8255. The Customer Service Center can also be reached by e-mail at

We hope this is sufficient. If you can think of any other way in which we at the bookstore can be of help, please let us know.
Electronic service documentationback to top
Q. I understand that most of your service and parts documentation is not available in a printed format after 1998. How can I obtain recent literature?
A. Beginning in model year 1999, most service manuals moved from paper format to a fully electronic environment called VIDA. To find out more about VIDA click on the "Subscriptions" link.

All available service bulletins (and other bulletin types) for your vehicle are listed in "Subscriptions" area of the website. In this area you can order a subscription to all of the bulletins in the database of a certain type (e.g. service bulletins or SDS). You can also order a PDF version of specific wiring diagrams in the "Subscriptions" area.

In the "Service/Parts Literature" area you can order a PDF of a specific document.
Service Manual Index (Function Groups)back to top
Q. How are the service manuals indexed?
A. The following can be used as a general index to the service literature listed on the website. Please remember that when looking for literature for your particular vehicle, not all groups are active for all sections. Some groups are reserved for future expansion.

Single digits are Sections, double digits are Groups.

00 General
03 Specifications
05 Outdoor Storage/Washing
09 Miscellaneous

10 General
17 Service and Maintenance
19 Miscellaneous

20 General
21 Engine Assembly
22 Lubricating System
23 Fuel System
25 Intake and Exhaust
26 Cooling System
27 Engine Controls
28 Ignition
29 Miscellaneous

30 General
31 Battery
32 Alternator
33 Starter Motor
34 Software partnumber index
35 Lighting
36 Other Standard Electrical Equipment
37 Wiring Cables and Fuses
38 Instruments
39 Media, Communication and Navigation

40 General
41 Clutch
43 Transmission - Manual and Automatic
45 Driveshaft
46 Rear Axle
49 Miscellaneous

50 General
51 Wheel Brakes, Mechanical Components
52 Hydraulic Brake System
55 Parking Brake
59 ABS, Miscellaneous

60 General
61 Front Wheel Suspension
64 Steering
65 Rear Wheel Suspension
69 Miscellaneous

70 General
72 Springs
76 Shock Absorbers, Stabilizer, Level Control
77 Wheels, Tires, Hubs
79 Miscellaneous

80 Paint Repair
81 Body Framework
82 Hood, Grille, Fenders, Door Sills, Valences
83 Doors and Lids
84 External Trim, Glass, and Weatherstrips
85 Upholstery and Interior
86 Bumpers and Mudflaps
87 Climate Control, Air Conditioning
88 Interior Equipment, SRS
89 Miscellaneous

No listings in this catalog
Using Search featureback to top
Q. I am looking for information pertaining to recall campaign 32 for my 1977 245. Could you please tell me what this campaign covered?
A. Use the "Search" feature on our website. Enter Text (keyword) you want to search on. Then click on the "Model" menu and select your model. Then click on the "Year" menu and select the year. In this case selecting "campaign" 240, and 1977 returns a list of items including "Service Campaign #32." You can order a copy of this campaign on the website by selecting either "PDF" or "Printed" then completing your purchase.