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What do I do when I get an Error Message?back to top
Q. I received an Error Message on the screen, what should I do?
A. If you need help resolving the problem, you need to let us know by submitting a Help Request. In the Help Request, you should send us a screen capture that conatins the error message. Sending a screen capture provides context to the error message that is often difficult to communicate in words. However, if you forgot to take a screen capture while the error message was still visible, you should describe the specific message, what you were doing...etc. when the error occurred.

We will then pass the information on to our appropiate support staff.

For additional information on saving screen captures, see the section below.
Q. How do I attach log files?
A. Currently log files can be emailed from within VIDA only. We are working on setting up a process to email those files directly to Volvo, however for now you will need to email them to yourself and then attach them to the help request. Here are step by step instructions for locating and attaching log files:

1. Click the 'Browse' button at the bottom of the help request.
2. Double click on 'My Computer'
3. Double click on 'Local Disk (C:)
4. Double click the 'VIDA' folder
5. Double click on the 'System' folder
6. Double click on the 'log' folder
7. Select the appropriate file, sometimes by date and click 'Open'
8. Click on 'Submit' This will attach the file.
Saving Screen Capturesback to top
Q. How do I save screen captures?
A. Due to security restrictions, the only file format for pictures that can be submitted in a Volvotechinfo Help Request is the bitmap file format. To save a screen capture in the Bitmap format:

1. When you are at the point where you encounter a problem, hold the CONTROL ("Ctrl") key and then push the PRINT SCREEN ("Prnt Scrn") key. This will copy a picture of your computer screen to temporary memory.

2. Open MS Paint. MS Paint is found on the START -> ALL PROGRAMS --> ACCESSORIES menu.

3. Paste the image into the PAINT program. You can do this by selecting the 'Edit' menu on the toolbar and then choosing "Paste".

4. Save the document as a bitmap file. You can do this by selecting FILE (Menu)--> SAVE-AS. In the window that appears, you will need to make some additional selections:

* SAVE IN - The specifies the location (folder) the file will be saved in.

* FILE NAME - Write in the name you want the file to have. It is a good idea to make it meaningful (but not too long).

* SAVE AS TYPE - This determines the format the file will be saved in. Due to security restrictions, you must select one of the BITMAP (*.BMP) formats in order to submit the file to Volvotechinfo.

Additionally, depending on your internet connection speed, you may want to select a format that minimizes the file size. Selecting a better resolution helps ensure support staff can see the necessary details, but it also increases file size. As an example of how the files size can change, a test screen capture saved in various formats resulted in the following file sizes?

16 Color Bitmap 366 KB
256 Color Bitmap 730 KB
24-bit Bitmap 2,186 KB
Access denied no valid subscription was foundback to top
Q. Access denied since no valid subscription
A. Recheck basic VIDA subscription order processes and VIDA Adm. settings.
Software Purchase button grayed outback to top
Q. During the vehicle software download process, the Purchase button is grayed out or does not highlight.
A. If the PURCHASE button does not highlight you will need to go back to the VEHICLE PROFILE screen and do the following:

1.Click CLEAR VEHICLE PROFILE found on the bottom of the page.
2.Click READ VEHICLE (do not select vehicle from the Last Identified Vehicles).
3.Complete vehicle profile.
4.Go back to the SOFTWARE Tab.

The purchase button should be now be highlighted. Continue with purchase.
Cannot Contact Central Systemsback to top
Q. Cannot Contact Central Systems
A. First, ensure you have a good internet connection. If so, try to restart the VIDA Monitor.

1- Click on the purple VIDA Configuration icon.
2- Resave the VIDA Configuration by clicking on Internet, and clicking Save
3- Wait while the VIDA Monitor in the lower right browser tray turns from Green to Yellow and back to Green.
4- Reattempt login
PIE 100 Errorback to top
Q. PIE 100 Error
A. A PIE 100 message is the result of trying to download two software items at once. You need to purchase each software item individually. Some software has unique scripts that do not allow them to be downloaded with another software product.
Your session has timed out.back to top
Q. Your session has timed out
A. In your Internet Explorer browser's menu:

1. Click Tools
2. Click Internet Options
3. Click on the Privacy tab.
4. In the lower half of the Privacy screen, click Advanced to view Advanced Privacy Settings.
5. In Advanced Privacy Settings, be sure the following options are selected:

-Override automatic cookie handling

-Accept First-party Cookies

-Accept Third-party Cookies

-Always allow session cookies
6. Click OK.
7. Click OK again.
Access denied no valid subscription was foundback to top
Q. Access denied since no valid subscription was found
A. Make sure there is an available subscription or it has not expired in VIDA Adm.

1- Make sure your subscription is ready in VIDA Adm by logging into VIDA Admin (orange VIDA icon)
2- Click onto Subscription tab, then your subscription name.
3- Under the Properties tab check the Activated box and Click Save.
4- Under the User tab add user and click Save.
5- Under Computers tab, add your subscription computer and click Save.
Other things to look for:

Make sure the computer is connecting to the Internet.

Resave the VIDA Configuration, by clicking the purple VIDA Configuration icon and select Internet.

Delete the computer in VIDA Adm and try to re-register it
Cannot find beam tab form in any scope back to top
Q. Cannot find beam tab form in any scope
A. Check internet connection.

Restart the VIDA Monitor, wait for green indicator on the VIDA icon in the lower right browser tray and try again.

If necessary, restart the computer, and only open VIDA.

This could also simply indicate a bad VIDA installation. Remove and reinstall VIDA.
http status 500back to top
Q. http status 500
A. Remove and Reinstall VIDA
Non Compatible Hardware Partback to top
Q. Non Compatible Hardware Part
A. The wrong part was installed. Recheck the Parts Catalog. VIDA looks at the central database and determined it cannot load software into that part.
WSL pop up or loopback to top
Q. WSL pop up or loop
A. There are several points to check to resolve this issue:
  • Clear the cookies and temp. files in Internet Explorer under Tools – Internet Options – General Tab.

  • Set the security setting in Internet Explorer Tools – Internet Options – Security Tab under the web content set zone to default level for Internet and Local Intranet.

  • Stop and Restart the Vida monitor by the System Tray icon in the lower right near the time.

  • Check the username and password with in Novell / IDM against VIDA admin for correctness.
    Check the username and password for correct or expired password.

  • Check script blocking enabled within the Anti-Virus software. If active, disable the option.

  • Check the computer's time, time zone, and date to make sure that they are correct.

  • Open Vida Configuration. On the Location Tab click internet and save. OK through the pop-up and close.
Unknown error while synchronizingback to top
Q. Unknown error while synchronizing
A. Generally, restarting the computer will resolve this issue.
Login.errorback to top
Q. Login.error
A. The problem is usually resolved by rebooting the computer.
Invalid VIN, Check VIN and try againback to top
Q. Invalid VIN, Check VIN and try again
A. This error message is most often caused by one of two things.

1- If the VIN is entered manually, it may have been entered incorrectly.

2- If the vehicle was read and this error message occurs, then the incorrect Partner Group is selected on the Vehicle Profile screen.

NOTE: For vehicle models S40 / V40 (-04) enter VIN in ALL CAPS
Long or incomplete SW downloads and module readoutback to top
Q. Problems with reading vehicle control modules, long time or incomplete vehicle downloads etc. - However VIDA installs and Service and Parts information is still readily available.
A. Besides computer hardware issues, these problems very often occur due to outside programs and applications being installed. VIDA computers should be considered a workshop tool. Extraneous programs should not be loaded on these computers i.e. iTunes, Google gadgets, These applications impair the performance of the computer the VIDA application and very always complicate support resolutions.
http 500 Apache Tomcat errorback to top
Q. http 500 Apache Tomcat error
A. http 500 Apache Tomcat error can occur if a previous version of VIDA was not installed correctly, or if VIDA is being installed through a network. VIDA will need to be removed along with all associated files. Send a help request via for support.
Confirmation Pendingback to top
Q. Confirmation Pending error message
A. Confirmation pending means the client has lost connection with the central system and can't confirm the download. It will try again when the user logs off and back on to VIDA.
eUpdate fails to loadback to top
Q. eUpdate fails to load
A. VIDA eUpdates normally download and install automatically. When available, the eUpdate will come down in the background. This is shown by the eUpdate icon spinning in the lower right browser tray. Once download, it will be installed the next time VIDA is started.
If the download fails shut down and restart VIDA.
If still not successful, remove and reinstall VIDA. The VIDA installation was not completely successful.
Non Matching Data Errorback to top
Q. Error "non matching data" (one of the part/serial numbers for the hardware supplied with the software does not match the numbers stored in the control module).
A. This error usually indicates that a used or scrap part has been installed in the vehicle. Commonly the throttle module .Usually the only way around this is to identify the used component and replace it with a new part and then reload the software in the module.
Check the service repair history.
Software Download Failedback to top
Q. Software Download Failed
A. Vehicle software download failure could be caused by a dropped or interupted internet connection or if communication is lost to the vehicle. A wireless internet connection that momentarily looses connection could cause this.

On the vehicle side, any interruption from the tool, low battery voltage on the car (all SW vehicle communications require a battery charger be connected). Make sure the battery charger is connected and working.
When using the Volvo DiCE tool with bluetooth, be sure the vehicle is in range. DiCE with the USB cable would remedy this.