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This video a guide to the redesigned website to help you navigate and find information on the new website.


Welcome is Volvo's online bookstore - one-stop-shopping for Volvo service, owner information, Aftersales Marketing Material and Sales Materials.

Volvo Wholesale Parts Warranty Extension:


To further boost the value of Volvo Genuine Parts, VCUSA has announced an enhancement to the Wholesale Parts Warranty. Effective January 1, 2016 (backdated for simplicity), we have extended our wholesale parts warranty from one to two years for independent installers and over-the-counter customers. The warranty excludes labor, Volvo accessories and consumable "wear item" parts. Contact your local Volvo Retailer's Parts Department for details.

VIDA Message Board



Users may experience an issue when connecting and profiling X70 and P2 vehicles. Users may find that VIDA does not profile the transmission correctly. This can prevent software downloading.

Temporary solution:

The workaround is to profile the car manually. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Allow VIDA to read the vehicle, but DO NOT press Select or Connect.
  2. Take the VIN that has been read out and copy it to the VIN field in the Fine Tune Vehicle area at the bottom.
  3. VIDA will automatically populate all of the fields except the transmission. Choose the correct transmission from the drop down list and press Select. The correct transmission / driveline attributes will now appear.
  4. Click Connect. Once completed VIDA will profile the car correctly so you can order and download software as usual.



When ordering your VIDA 2015 Subscription - be sure to select "VIDA" from the VIDA Product drop down. DO NOT select "All In One (AIO)" - this is VIDA 2014



YOU MUST APPROVE YOUR DEVICE -   The approval needs to be carried out by the "VIDA Administrator" (YOU) -The computer is approved in VIDA Admin under the tab "DEVICE".  When you open the DEVICE tab, click on DEVICE NAME. Click on the dropdown box and change from Registered to Approved. Then hit SAVE on the bottom of the page.


Vehicle Type and Platform Identification
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Service Actions List

Master list of Volvo recalls and service campaigns.

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Collision Parts Statement

Volvo's statement about replacement collision parts.

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Parts Applications

Click here to view updated parts applications including winter tires, wheels, wiper blades and exhaust kits.

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Volvo Exchange Parts

Volvo Exchange / Remanufactured Parts Information.

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Timing Belt Interval

Listing of Timing Belt Intervals.

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Parts Special Offers

No Special Offers at this time.

Volvo Collection

What makes Volvo merchandise products distinctive? They are the kind of items you are proud to own. Come and explore the many lifestyle accessories the Volvo Collection has to offer. We are one of a kind.

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