: Key Codes

Key Codes

This page provides information about Volvo's automotive key cutting code service. You must log in with your bookstore User ID in order to use the key code features of this website.

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Volvo Automotive Key Cutting Codes

Registered Vehicle Security Professionals* may obtain key cutting codes for any U.S. or Canada Volvo car model from model year 1997 and onward. Key cutting codes, which can be programmed into commercially available key cutting machines, allow a replacement key to be cut even when a duplicate or master key is not available for copying.

A "Registered Vehicle Security Professional" includes anyone who is a member, in good standing, of the NASTF Vehicle Security Registry.

If you are a locksmith or other vehicle security professional but not already a member of the NASTF Vehicle Security Registry, go to for more information and a registry membership application.

For help with your vehicle security credential please contact the NASTF Vehicle Security Professional help desk at 855-636-2783 or email

How To Obtain A Key Code

You will need to enter a valid Vehicle Security Credential (VSC), passcode, and Vehicle Identification Number into a request form on-screen.

If you do not remember your passcode, contact your company's VSP administrator. They can reset your passcode for you.

You will need to click an "Accept/Continue button to signify that you have complied with the for this service.


Before a key can be used to start the car, it must be electronically paired to the vehicle's anti-theft immobilizer system. Pairing requires a PC, a DiCE Tool, and an active subscription to Volvo's Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA) program.


This service is intended solely for the use of Registered Vehicle Security Professionals* performing services for vehicle owners. Additionally, you may use this service to obtain a key code only if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are an active member of the NASTF Vehicle Security Registry.
  • You know your Vehicle Securoty Credential and passcode.
  • You know the VIN of the vehicle for which you need the key code.
  • You have established the identity of the requestor in accordance with NASTF Vehicle Security Registry terms and conditions and applicable local and state laws.
  • You have established that the vehicle registration matches the vehicle.
  • You have established that the requestor has a valid right to the information.
  • You have obtained the valid requestor's written authorization to request the information.

* A "Registered Vehicle Security Professional" includes anyone who is a member, in good standing, of the NASTF Vehicle Security Registry.