: Repair and Maintenance Bulk Data

Repair and Maintenance Bulk Data

Volvo Cars is currently developing the Workshop Support Platform web portal. The main purpose of the platform is to offer regional and global support for subscribers of bulk (RMI) Repair and Maintenance Information data packages or RMI for specific vehicles and products according to current EU legislation.

The development work is being done by the Workshop Support Platform Team as a part of the Volvo Cars Service Business, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first main release of the Workshop Support Platform will occur in the Fall of 2020, when all the functionality of the required Standardized Navigation has been implemented.

Volvo Cars Service Business and the Workshop Support Platform Team are working to expand the services this platform will offer our customers. We strive to continuously improve the customer experience and the efficiency of any service we provide.

For any questions or comments about the Workshop Support Platform Team or the Workshop Support Platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at our support email address or follow the link to the site.

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Volvo Cars Workshop Support Platform