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Computer Requirements

This site is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher.

Parts of this site also require that you have Adobe Flash Player 12.0 or higher installed.

PDF Viewing

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Service and parts-related bulletins, along with Safety Data Sheets and Wiring Diagrams are available for purchase as downloadable Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files. Additionally, various user instructions are provided as downloadable Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files. Only Adobe Reader versions 8.0, 9.0, X and XI are fully compatible with all documents and applications available through If you are using a version lower than 8.0, you may experience problems when viewing some files. To update Adobe Reader version please follow the instructions to download a compatible version of Adobe Reader.

  1. Click Here or open a new browser window and go to
  2. Include or exclude any optional offers, the click "Install now".
  3. Choose "Save to disk" and specify a convenient location.
  4. After the file download is complete, open the program to install Adobe Reader.

Special Formatting of Service Bulletins

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Some Service Bulletins pages are formatted for European A4 paper. However, documents can be successfully printed on US letter-sized paper by selecting "fit to page" during the printing process.

Browser Settings

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To allow us to keep track of your order during the order process you must:

  1. Allow temporary "cookies" to be accepted on your computer
  2. Enable communication with secure servers

A cookie is a temporary file stored by the bookstore on your computer. It contains brief information about your order. Volvotechinfo uses Session Cookies, so they will disappear from your computer when you close your Internet browser, or sooner. Enabling communication with secure servers allows the order information you send to be encrypted so that only the bookstore can read it. The bookstore will try to alert you to possible problems with your settings. If you are alerted, or if you experience problems using Volvotechinfo, please check and adjust these settings. Instructions on adjusting cookie settings can be found in the FAQs. Click on the "Help and Policy" link and select the help topic "Browser".


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  • VIDA requirements for all vehicles EXCEPT the new 2016 XC 90*:
  • Windows 10 Professional 64 bit.
  • VIDA requires Internet Explorer 11 or later.
*For the 2016 XC 90 please read all of SMB 00-337

Internet connection

An internet connection must be available at all workshops. The internet connection is used for the communication between the VIDA work stations and the VIDA central servers.

Recommended Specification for VIDA Workstation

It is the recommendation of Volvo Cars Customer Service that computer equipment bought for VIDA should be possible to upgrade. If it is necessary to increase computer performance, it should be possible to increase RAM and replace hard drives easily. Furthermore, purchasing more memory will result in better performance since the use of virtual memory is minimized.

VIDA will be delivered as a desktop application replacing the existing VIDA on Web as well as VIDA All in One. Users of VIDA on Web and VIDA All in One will need to execute an installer package that installs the necessary software components in their workstations.

ITEM Recommended specification for VIDA used for diagnostics and SWDL
Processor Core i5 and above1
Memory 4 GB or more
Local free disc space 10 GB2
Connections 2 x USB 2.0 or higher3
Operating System Windows 10 Professional (64 bit).4
File system NTFS
Display resolution
Aspect Ratio Minimum resolution
16:95 1280 x 720
16:10 1280 x 800

Chrome, Mozilla and Firefox browsers are not supported and will not work correctly with VIDA.

  1. Names of processors are frequently changed. These are examples of what to use.
  2. This is the disc space that should be available before VIDA is installed. The recommendation is based on the increase of used disk space over three years. If you have other applications, allow extra space for these according to their requirements.
  3. Additional USBs may be needed for other equipment, such as mouse and keyboard.
  4. Windows Update must be enabled and all available updates from Microsoft need to be installed.
  5. The application screen is optimized for wide screen format. However, the application design is "fluid" based, i.e. the application screen stretches to completely occupy available screen space. This makes it possible to use smaller screens but bear in mind that it can be difficult to read wiring diagrams and other features that contain a lot of information.


VDS protocol-based vehicles can be connected directly to a VIDA workstation with a standard Ethernet cable using network connectors for a peer-to-peer connection for diagnostics and software download.

The following components are required:
  • Ethernet network input for each VIDA workstation. It can either be a PCI network card or a USB Ethernet adapter.
  • Ethernet cable type CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6. There is a Volvo special tool available with part number 9513095. This cable tolerates a cold environment.
  • VOE Adapter 9513108 or an aftermarket J-2534-2 scan tool.


Network specifications

The network related changes specifications are specified below.

Central systems

If a firewall is used, make sure that port 80 for http and port 443 for https are open.

Network cable type

Twisted-pair cables (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6) shall be used for network connectivity.

Universal Resource locators

VIDA will use several URLs- all will be on * Make sure that * is not blocked by a proxy or firewall.

Service URL Port
VIDA Installation Package 80
VIDA Admin 80

Additional software requirements

There are different plug-ins that are needed for VIDA to work properly, these are described below.


IsoView is an image viewing plug-in, automatically started together with VIDA. IsoView is included in the VIDA installation and there is no additional license fee.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is included in the VIDA installation.

Microsoft Windows user account

In order to install VIDA, the Microsoft Windows user account has to be set to administrator.


It is not possible to run VIDA logged in to the operating system with a guest account. Try to avoid having a domain policy that will override the normal rights for the supported user accounts. Some restrictions might make VIDA not work. For example a user must have right to change the registry since VIDA requires that when adding a DiCE. It is strongly recommended that all VIDA users log in as administrators with full admin rights.