Online Subscriptions

VIDA means "Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales" and includes service and parts information and wiring schematics are available for model years 1994 and forward as online subscription products. Product subscriptions are ranged to be appropriate for a full-service shop to a stand-alone parts counter.

After placing your subscription order you will receive an email once the VIDA Partner ID (Company ID), VIDA user name and temporary password are established at Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden. This step is mostly automated but could take a couple of hours to fully process. You must wait for this email before trying to log into VIDA or VIDA Admin. You have to follow the directions in the email to reset the PRE-EXPIRED password. The email you receive back will look like this.

Your Web Single Logon has been updated with the following information.

WSL: J-Volvo*

Password: rbX2(m6Go

The password above is a temporary, pre-expired password. You should NOT try to log into VIDA or WSLX without first changing this password. You MUST follow the link to change the initial password above:

It is recommended to Copy and Paste password information when resetting.

*Note:Your Username and password for the website is separate and different from what is provided for your VIDA subscription.

After reading about the products and pricing, please read

HOW TO ORDER before continuing with your order.

Subscription Refund Policy

It is Volvo's policy that subscriptions will not be refunded once they have been activated, regardless of duration, or circumstance.

The subscription is to be used solely for internal purposes by the person(s) or company that has made the purchase. Under no circumstances may any subscriptions purchased from this site be used outside the boundaries of the United States and Canada, and its respective states and provinces. The access to VIDA is non-transferable and non-exclusive. Under no circumstances may subscription ownership be transferred or shared with another person or company. Any violation of the above will result in automatic termination of your VIDA license, and no refund will be provided.


Subscriptions are available in the following durations

  • 3-day
  • 30-day
  • 365-day
Any subscription may be extended or renewed for up to one year's total duration.


Subscriptions are available in the following combinations

*Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams are automatically included in the first three combinations above.