VIDA Subscriptions and Pricing

Before placing your order, be sure to review the information regarding what is included with each subscription and the documentation for activating and using the VIDA system.

When creating your VTI account you must enter a valid name under the Company section. (Do not use “N/A”, “none”, “Consumer”, “Other”, etc.) All information fields should have correct information.

Subscriptions are available in 3-day, 30-day, and 365-day durations. Any subscription may be extended or renewed for up to one year’s total duration. All subscriptions include ongoing support for troubleshooting subscription and application performance.

Description (click for more information) 3-Day 30-Day 365-Day
VIDA Parts, Service, Diagnostic & Software Download Note that Each Software Download has its own Part Number and cost.
$63.60 $563.69 $6,563.53
with optional VST $71.34 $574.74 $6,697.98
VIDA Parts, Service and Diagnostics $41.87 $363.43 $4,226.51
with optional VST $49.60 $374.48 $4,360.95
VIDA Parts and Service $18.29 $160.84 $1,924.48
with optional VST $26.03 $171.89 $2,058.92
VIDA Parts Catalog $9.82 $29.96 $183.31
with optional VST $17.56 $41.01 $317.76
Stand-Alone Bulletin and Wiring Diagram Subscriptions
Service-Parts-Tool Bulletins $2.50 $17.50 $110.00
Technical Journals $2.50 $17.50 $110.00
Quality Bulletins $2.50 $17.50 $110.00
Online Wiring Diagrams - up to and including MY17
(WD for all SPA and CMA cars MY16 and newer are integratged into VIDA and should be only accessed through VIDA)
$3.50 $27.51 $195.00

Subscription Refund Policy

It is Volvo's policy that subscriptions will not be refunded once they have been activated, regardless of duration, or circumstance.

The subscription is to be used solely for internal purposes by the person(s) or company that has made the purchase. Under no circumstances may any subscriptions purchased from this site be used outside the boundaries of the United States and Canada, and its respective states and provinces. The access to VIDA is non-transferable and non-exclusive. Under no circumstances may subscription ownership be transferred or shared with another person or company. Any violation of the above will result in automatic termination of your VIDA license, and no refund will be provided.