VEHICLE EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDES : Vehicle Emergency Response Guides

Being focused on safety, Volvo has assembled these Guidelines for Emergency

Personnel Attending Traffic Accidents.

This information is a compilation of rescue information and SRS component descriptions and locations for the following model years.

Warning! For emergency services personnel: Disconnect the battery and wait at least 15 seconds before starting work on the vehicle. This is to prevent inadvertent activation of pyrotechnical SRS components.
Note! Hardness in the members may vary between the different models. In illustrations where several models appear with the same body structure, the variant with the hardest material is always shown.
  1. Symbol: Warning for fire hazard.
  2. Symbol: Warning for the battery.
  3. Symbol: Hood Catch.
  4. Symbol: Warning for the risk of explosion.
1 megapascal (MPa or MPA) = 145.037738 pounds per square inch - Example     s : MPa = 180 psi = 26106.786
MPA = 800 psi = 116030..16