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Shopping for Subscriptions HOW TO ORDER A SUBSCRIPTION

  1. To place an order you must have an account and be logged in. If you do not have an account click here.
  2. Choose between:
    VIDA (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales) Subscription Configurator:
    -For ordering VIDA Subscriptions. This option will allow you to select the type of subscription, the number of licenses and what select what packages are included in your VIDA Subscription.
    Stand-Alone Bulletin and Wiring Diagram Subscriptions:
    -For access to the Safety Data Sheets, Service-Parts-Tool Bulletins, Technical Journals and/or the Wiring Diagrams.
  3. When you order VIDA Service Information, the following items will be automatically added to your shopping cart during check-out: Service-Parts-Tool Bulletins, Technical Journals, and Wiring Diagrams. Do not order these items separately.
  4. When you order a VIDA product, the price shown in the VIDA Configurator is the price for your VIDA choices. Before you complete your check out, any appropriate bulletin and wiring diagram subscription products, and associated prices, will be added to your shopping basket AFTER you leave the VIDA configurator.
  5. You may review your order and proceed with check-out, or you may continue shopping and adding items, or you may remove items as desired.

Stand-Alone Bulletin and Wiring Diagram Subscriptions Only.

VIDA Subscriptions include the bulletin and wiring diagram subscriptions to the PDF Viewing Library automatically. There is no need to select these items if you are placing an order for a VIDA subscription.

Subscription Days Price
** WD for all SPA and CMA cars MY16 and newer are integratged into VIDA and should be only accessed through VIDA