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Welcome to the Training Materials page of this website. The training items listed on these pages are original classroom materials used by Volvo Training instructors. The material is either printed or VHS tape, dependent upon selection.
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Volvo Introductory Training

Page Count: 196

Volvo Introductory Training (VIT-1819) makes up the basis of training for technicians who are new to the Volvo brand. The course is divided into the following focus areas : Fundamentals, which is a combination of information from various sources / Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales (VIDA), which focuses primarily on Customer Symptom Codes (CSC) usage, Wiring Diagrams, and Software Download / Safety Systems, which is divided further into Active and Passive Safety Systems

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Advanced Signal Measurement

Page Count: 66

This course manual contains the different types of electrical signals, their characteristics and gives you an understanding of the communication of signals and the VIDA multi-meter functions.

You will learn the different functions of the VIDA Oscilloscope, Timing Meter, and signal description chart to select breakout box terminals for measurements. You will learn to use the Graphic Display to measure ECM electrical signals, the Oscilloscope, the Timing Meter, examine a serial data link signal and a network CAN-bus signal from a so-called 'smart sensor'.

ASM-0846 is an expert level course designed for Volvo technicians who have a higher level of knowledge and experience in multi-meter and wiring diagram usage, diagnostic troubleshooting and the philosophies of VIDA. Tools required for this course: VIDA.

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Volvo Can Diagnostics

Page Count: 94

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Engine Repair and Reconditioning

Page Count: 122

This is a course designed to provide you maximum hands-on applications on diagnosing and repairing Volvo designed engines. The course will combined instructor review on general knowledge of engine repair, followed by instructor-led demonstration and hands-on exercises. Upon completion of the Engine Repair course, you will be able to: Follow proper procedures to disassemble and assemble gasoline engines. Learn how to calibrate and read precision measurement tools. Evaluate engine components with precision measurement tools. Upon evaluation, decide the best course of action to resolve a concern. Correctly set camshaft timing using specialty tools on the S-i6 and V-8 engines. Practice removing and reinstalling the balance shaft on the V-8 engine. Measure and adjust tappet clearance. Install engine seals. Determine straightness of a component using a straight edge and feeler gauges. Become familiar with the internal operation of the READ unit. Properly install the oil pump on the S-i6 engine. Perform a compression test and cylinder leakage test in which to evaluate a cylinder's status. Understand the use and application of RTV vs. the anaerobic sealant.

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Engine Management

Page Count: 144

Engine management systems functions such as fuel injection, ignition, engine speed, the fuel pump, the electric cooling fan, the A/C compressor, valve timing, turbo boost pressure and the malfunction indicator lamp.

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Body Interior / Electric

Page Count: 132

This course manual contains the principles and components of partially and fully networked systems, the differences of a conventional and a networked system, the network functions, diagnostics and fault tracing and their functions.

You will learn to identify networked components, their location and signal description, On-Board Diagnostics levels I and II, combined instrumentation and text displayed diagnosis. You will learn about Volvo alarm and theft deterrent systems components and configuration, Volvo Navigational System, programming procedures, settings and perimeters for components within the BIE system.

BIE-0271 is an intermediate level course designed for Volvo technicians experienced in multi-meter usage, wiring diagram usage, and Volvo System Tester and VIDA usage. Tools required for this course: VIDA and VCT 2000 (Volvo Communication Tool 2000).

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Hardtop Convertible Repair

Page Count: 54

This course material covers convertible operations and maintenance for the C70.

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Hardtop Convertible Diagnostics

Page Count: 146