Volvo Child Safety Information

Volvo has a long and extensive child safety history. We believe in protecting our smallest passengers by providing the same level of safety we provide to adults.

Beginning in 1960s, with the development of the first child safety seat, to the recently introduced dual level integrated booster cushion, our commitment to child safety is unprecedented.

Child Safety is an important issue to government agencies as well. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designates one week per year as Child Passengers (CPS) Week. The primary goal of this campaign is to ensure more children use booster seats and child safety seats, and that they are seated in the proper place - NOT in the front seat.

Child Safety products are designed to suit the age and weight of the child. The importance of seating children safely in the vehicle, in proper child restraints, cannot be stressed enough.

Attached are two short, important child safety publications prepared by Volvo:

The publications cover these important subjects:

  • Volvo child safety recommendations
  • Most common seat types
  • Securing a child restraint using seatbelts
  • When to look forward
  • Securing a booster cushion using seatbelts
  • Facts about how Volvo makes child car safety more dependable
  • Volvo makes child safety easier
  • How to position child seats
  • Using the LATCH lower child seat anchors
  • Using the LATCH top tether anchors

Volvo encourages you to read and learn from this information, and to share it in your home, in your workplace, with your drivers, and with civic organizations.